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Maintenance of ice machine accessories
View:1158 May 15, 2019  

According to the survey, the reason why many customers have problems with ice machine accessories  is that the maintenance is not in place. Not only economic losses but also unnecessary troubles have been caused by the problems of ice machine accessories  caused by inadequate maintenance. Xiaobian sorted out some of the maintenance tips of ice machine accessories today. Look at these, have you done it?

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Ice Making Machine Fittings Filter Cleaning

The ice maker is equipped with an air filter with plastic mesh, which is used to filter heavy dust and dust in the air to prevent the blockage of the condenser. The blockage of the filter will affect the ice production.

Remove and clean the filter at least twice a month.

Remove the air filter and remember not to put your hand inside the machine.

Clean the filter with warm water and neutral detergent, rinse it thoroughly with water and blow dry the air filter, then reinstall it in the right place.

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