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Basic Application of energy saving ice machine
View:1256 May 30, 2019  

What is called aenergy saving ice machine? Energy saving ice machine is a new type energy of  ice machine which has energy saving ice machine of ordinary ice machine. 

energy saving ice machine.jpg

Changzhou icetalk energy saving ice machine: Energy saving ice machine adopts industry-leading automatic ice making technology. Refrigerant directly enters the block ice evaporator and water for heat exchange. After water freezes into ice, the ice making system is heated backwards. Hot fluorine enters the evaporator for de-icing. It has fast de-icing speed. The ice of energy-saving ice making machine is clean and sanitary, and can be eaten directly.

 energy saving ice machine

In addition, because the material of energy saving ice machine is made of aluminium alloy with high heat transfer efficiency, the thermal conductivity of aluminium material is 3.2 times that of steel, and its weight is only 1/3 of that of steel, and it will not rust. Compared with the traditional brine ice making, it saves more than 30% energy and occupies much less land than the traditional brine ice making machine. It saves more manpower and power and has lower cost of ice making.

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