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The Difference between Automatic Ice Making Machine and Refrigerator
View:1598 Apr 17, 2019  

The working principle of the automatic cube ice maker  is as follows:

1. Water for ice making needs salt (jargon is called medication) as to how much! See how much ice is made and how many modulation pumps (plunger pumps) adjust automatically.

 Automatic cube ice maker

2. The main body of the  automatic cube ice maker  is divided into two chambers with a certain density of copper tube inside and outside the chamber. The technical term is called evaporation chamber, which is the saying of refrigeration.

3. The outer chamber is a regular round stainless steel chamber with a three-blade scraper at the center of the chamber and the distance from the inner wall can be adjusted to 3 mm. There are several groups of uniformly distributed copper nozzles above the skates!

4. The working principle is that when starting, the plunger pump sprays 0.2 kg of water evenly onto the inner cavity surface through several filters, and then the cooling surface of the outer cavity instantly forms a 3 mm thick ice surface. Under the action of a rotating ice knife, the newly made ice is beaten into small pieces and dropped into the storage bin! The principle of the civil ice maker is basically the same! The inner cavity is a rotating ice box.

The working principle of the refrigerator is as follows:

1. The frozen water pump of the water storage tank circulates continuously through the plate or grid evaporator.

2. After the compressor runs, it is absorbed and vaporized by suction-compression-exhaust-condensation (liquefaction) -throttling and then evaporated at low temperature from - 10 to - 18 degrees in the evaporator. The frozen water continuously condenses into ice on the surface of the cooler evaporator at the water temperature of 0 degrees. When the ice layer condenses to a certain thickness, the evaporation temperature of refrigerant reaches the set temperature of temperature control, that is to say, the defrosting solenoid valve is usually connected by heat pump. Realize the next cycle.

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