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  • The working process of the ice bucket of the new food grade ice machine is described in detail as follows: After the food grade ice machine starts to work, the water pump 8 pumps……
  • The ice bucket of a food grade ice machine includes a cylindrical ice bucket body, a refrigeration mechanism arranged around the ice bucket body, an upper cover plate covering the upper end of the ice...
  • Air cooled ice cube maker is a kind of refrigeration machinery that generates water by cooling the refrigerant from the refrigeration system through the evaporator.
  • ​What is called a energy saving ice machine? Energy saving ice machine is a new type energy of ice machine which has energy saving ice machine of ordinary ice machine.
  • According to the survey, the reason why many customers have problems with ice machine accessories is that the maintenance is not in place. Not only economic losses but also unnecessary troubles have b...

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